Saturday, September 29, 2007

Send us your Toast photos, videos

We plan to document the National Toast to the Beer Hunter here with both videos and photos. We need your help.

Take a camera with you to whatever Toast you will be attending (or hosting). Capture the moment. We'll soon post information here about how to add your photos and videos to the archive.

We'd really like to have thousands of faces of people who knew Michael, whether personally and on a first name basis, from hearing him speak or simply reading his books and articles.

Here are some of the questions you might ask:

- When did you first meet the Beer Hunter and what do you remember about the meeting?
- What's you're favorite Michael Jackson story? (Involving you or not)
- What's the best question you heard him ask?
- What's the best advice you heard him give?
- How did he change what you do or how you think?
- How would you describe him in one word?

Finally: What beer will/did you drink in his honor?


Anonymous said...

Just back from my 2nd toast to Michael Jackson. The 1st toast was with my best friend Brian Hollars who was at Michaels pub in London, the Andover Arms at 9pm London time - I had a five year old Orval (Michael's favorite). Then four hours later, I was at my local in Muncie,Ind. and had a Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout (Michael helped create this beer with Charles Finkel for Merchant Du Vin - no one has tasted a oatmeal stout for over 50 years before this!). Now for my 3rd and last toast, at home with a great Islay Whisky - Laphroaig ( Michael loved Islay!) I was with Michael just days before he passed away (check out the youtube video), we took in a Rugby match, and the last thing Michael said to me was, "it's good to see you buddy"! Yes it was! - this Laphroaig is for you "Buddy"!
God bless you Michael Jackson,
Kevin Cox, Muncie,Ind.USA


Washington DC beer mavens Bob and Ellie Tupper joined other DC area good-beer folk at the Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, Maryland on Sunday. We shared Michael stories (including the ladies of B.U.R.P breasts signing!) and our thoughts on his enduring legacy. We collected funds for the National Parkinsons Foundation.

At 9pm some of us toasted Michael with beer; others with whisky. It wasn't so much a farewell but a thank you.

To Michael and his malts!